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Thank you again for your visit to my site! Please see the links above for plenty of great stamp values for your collection!

On eBay, I have placed nearly 7,000 Mint and Used U.S. and Worldwide Stamps for your perusal. On Hipstamp, over 8,000 stamps await you!

You'll find everything from Classics to wonderful 20th century Issues with heavy emphasis on U.S Classic material of all kinds, from top grade mint and used to beautiful stamp with slight flaws for the more budget conscious collector.

A large selection with including Airmails and assorted Back of the Book, Locals, Special Delivery, Parcel Post, Proofs, essays, and Quality EFO and major error stamps as well, something for everyone!

I hope you will enjoy, and certainly I will be available to answer any questions you may have to help you along the way. Please note I will combine shipping for multiple purchases, simply ask for total before checkout on either site and I will combine shipping for you for additional savings.

I thank you once again, and hope you will enjoy!

All the best,

Rick Houser
U.S. and World Rare Stamps

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